Diya India Foundation

DIYA INDIA FOUNDATION is mainly based on providing a platform for the less fortunate in few key areas like education, health, and life support and community development. Their main objective is to focus on the welfare of the people.

The areas where the foundation has played a key role are:-

GURUKUL (education for the under privileged)

A child without education is a bird without wings”. The best way to bring a change in society is through education. The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet. Gurukul a platform by Diya India Foundation through its two schools Chetan PlayWay and Chetan Vidyamandir in Nihal Vihar to impart education to underprivileged children.

SEVA (supporting old age homes & differently abled)

The term Seva itself describes its meaning. With the changing environment, people have become so busy with their work that the elderly citizens are being ignored. Thus, Diya Foundation has provided a platform to them by launching their project ‘SEVA’ to give their hand in helping the nation that is our elderly people.

Another key area is helping the differently abled people. These are those who have the special powers but are still not accepted by our society & not treated equal.

SAMRIDHI (adopting villages & skill development centers)

It is the platform which provides a backbone to the villages so that they become self-reliant especially the women to make them self-dependent. It establishes a workplace within which the villagers can work & transform themselves for their betterment. Diya India Foundation is running a vocational centre at Nihal Vihar for empowering the women and making them self sustained and independent.

UDAAN (medical facilities to underprivileged children)

Diya Foundation’s project Udaan focuses on giving a new lease of life to the children who have been suffering from chronic diseases by providing financial support to them. So, far Diya India Foundation have supported such nine families and saved lives of 9 little souls and we pledge to save many more lives in future as well.

JEEVAN (health is wealth)

Health is an important factor for each one. “He who has health, has hope & he who has hope has everything”. So the project Jeevan helps in providing health facilities to those in need. The awareness camps are carried out in the form of street plays and required brochures are also printed so people can be more aware of Aids, Dengue, and Malaria etc. These are also felicitated by a reputed and efficient team of doctors.

PARIVARTAN (go green drive)

The name Parivartan itself describes the ‘change’. “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and a healthy body lives in a healthy environment”. Diya Foundation has been following this line in their project Parivartan and also for this regular camps and awareness drives have been conducted by them.Diya India Foundation has provided well maintained toilets separately for girls and boys in their School Chetan Playway and Chetan Vidya Mandir and cleanliness drives are also of major concern to them.